Dr. Renaud - Satinage® Gentle Scrub 60 g / 2 oz

A smoothing, softening scrub with a spectacular exfoliating action inspired by microdermabrasion. Eliminates dead cells and impurities, leaves the skin exceedingly silky and re-texturized.

How to Use: Once a week, after make-up removal, apply a small quantity to the forehead, the cheeks, the chin and the neck.Moisten fingertips and apply the product by massaging gently in circular motions for a few minutes.Avoid the eye area. Rinse abundantly with lukewarm water, then with cold.

Ingredients: Caper Flower Bud Extract, Gentle Cleansing Agent, Jojoba Spheres, Bamboo Spheres, Diatomaceous Spheres, Orange Extract

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